Through these different revisions, I'd been twisting my imagination into a veritable pretzel in an attempt to rationalize something unequivocally absurd.

Or, As Peckinpah Once Said, “It Ain’t A Radio Play, Folks” [To Paraphrase L.Q. Jones]

"Let the character actors lay out the plot. Then, when there's something important to say, you say it, and people will listen."

Homemade FAKE Criterion Of The Week!

https://youtu.be/T-G2nY8OH8Y One of my favorite Seventies Westerns, starring Jeff Bridges and Barry Brown as Civil War-era draft dodgers living a nomadic life as wannabe outlaws. It's all fun and games 'til your juvenile outlaw gang gets their adolescent heads blown off and hung from the neck 'til dead by rival outlaws. The film has a … Continue reading Homemade FAKE Criterion Of The Week!