Time On Earth And How You Spend It

I never quite grasped the concept of private property when I was younger and first learning about such things. I just thought it meant ‘things’ you personally acquired, whichever way that might be, and that you now had in your possession. I didn’t take the thought any further.

Years later, it was explained to me; it’s not necessarily things you possess, but it’s how you came to acquire them– through your labor.

The money you earn from working, the items you purchase with your hard-earned cash, that’s all private property. It’s yours because you worked for it. Earned it.

Those earnings, those possessions, represent not only your effort, but your time on earth and how you chose to utilize it.

Use your time constructively, our possessions indicate, and you’ll be compensated in a positive way.

If you choose to pass those possessions on to your family, for whatever reason, you can, because that ownership is yours to pass on.

What does it say about someone who refuses to acknowledge private property rights? If you as an individual, have no such rights, then who exactly are you working for…

…and is your time in this life truly your own?

If not, what entitles someone else to claim it? A statement of self-righteous intent? Merely pronouncing oneself compassionate and altruistic, therefore, superior to those they would demonize as ‘selfish’?

On second thought, I don’t believe I was so much a liberal when I was younger, but, rather, a libertarian.

See, I’d always thought that liberals believed in leaving people alone, not meddling in other peoples’ private affairs. I thought that’s what they meant when they proclaimed “Free to be, you and me”. The older I got, though, the more I learned that simply was not the case.

That slogan was merely a sales pitch used to push an agenda of tyranny. Utilized by self-righteous busybodies and masterminds careful not to let the rest of us see the waiting leashes they held behind their backs.

And guess who bought into the sales pitch, hook line and sinker, ’til some time in my late 20s/early 30s?

Silly me.