Some Of Us Are More Special Than Others

I passed by a nice, two-story remodeled house not long ago which featured a front yard sign that read PROUD UNION HOME. I’ve seen a lot of these around in the last couple of years and it’s really made me wonder:

How do the folks who plant these brassy announcements on their lawns view the rest of us mere peasants who aren’t a part of their gang union?

The signs have an “us against them” quality that’s undeniable. I guess if you’re a wealthy non-gang union member, you’re the enemy to a lot of these people, and if you’re just a poor, non-gang union working stiff (like me), you’re merely a second-class citizen who doesn’t exist.

This particular yard sign struck me as being of a different tenor than the friendlier, more inclusive WE SUPPORT STATE WORKERS yard sign. I don’t mind those signs so much…

…even though my inner smart-ass always asks why we don’t have a special, higher tax rate exclusively for those supportive homeowners, existing solely to fund their beloved public union state workers. Put your money where your mouth is, I say.

PROUD UNION HOME, on the other hand, seems as though it ought to have been constructed in the shape of a clenched fist with an upright middle finger. It stinks of gloating.

To me, the PROUD sign’s an identifier of defiantly bad taste from an arrogant jagoff with an over-inflated sense of self-worth and entitlement.

Why such a harsh comment, you may ask. Because the sign-planter belongs to a legally-sanctioned mob whose efforts artificially raise their own wages, while jacking up the cost of goods and services for the rest of us (and often price the unions out of their own jobs over time. Hello, Detroit!).

Though I’m willing to concede, because it’s more likely the case, that the lawn sign was put there by some Average Joe acting on orders from his superiors, i.e. arrogant fatcat jags who specialize in shakedowns and intimidation tactics.

Piss these people off, whether you’re a banker, an employer, or merely a citizen who’s incurred the mob’s wrath, and they can show up at your house, en masse, to make their point by terrorizing your family and disturbing your neighbors. It’s thuggery, pure and simple.

As somebody with a family member who was battered by union thugs during a protest in the late Seventies– a protest led by a preacher, no less, who turned a blind eye to that attack and others like it that day– I have no sympathy for unruly mobs engaging in violence and intimidation.

There’s a way to protest and a way not to, just as there’s a way to improve your status in life when your job isn’t paying you what you want. We all have choices to make. Some of us choose hard work, self-improvement, civilized behavior. Some of us can’t be bothered.

Would I be willing to plant a sign on my own front lawn which reads PROUD NON-UNION HOME?


First of all, though it’s true and I am proud of that fact, I don’t desire, nor require, the validation of passerby taking notice of such a sign in front of my house.

Secondly, I’d probably wind up with a brick thrown through my window.