Friendly Reminder For The Food Radicals

Food Radical finale

“Think about it… When you buy these types of food products–Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup, Fritos, Raisin Bran, McDonald’s Fries, etc.– at a grocery store or chain restaurant, you are helping a CEO buy a new boat, or a jet, or a third or fourth vacation home. When you buy these food products– fruits and vegetables– at a local farmers market, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a parent put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college… THINK ABOUT IT.”

Yes, O’ Self-Righteous Food Radical, let’s do that, shall we? Let’s think about it. Because it’s well known that CEOs…


…and only CEOs–

–grow/develop/process the ingredients of each food item utilized in products found at grocery stores and chain restaurants. CEOs not only oversee those processes, they actually perform hands-on work in the fields, on the assembly lines, etc. Regular people do not. They just don’t.

–harvest the trees used to make the packaging for those food items. Process the trees into paper. Create and mix the various inks/dyes for that packaging. Design the packaging– by hand, not on machinery or using technological advances created by other people.

–personally load each of these complete food items, in bulk shipments, onto trucks, into boxcars, for short and long-distance transport to grocery stores and chain  restaurants…which employ only CEOs in their stockrooms, kitchens and dining areas.

How about the fuel required to power those transport vehicles? Where’s all that come from? What about the manufacturing and maintenance of those transport vehicles? The electricity required for the manufacturing and maintenance? The manufacture of the tools to do that work, or the raw materials needed to make those tools?

Regular people don’t get their hands dirty and sweat their days away to earn a living providing those things for employers and customers. Nope. CEOs do all of that. All of it.

Only CEOs unload the food from the trucks, and stock the shelves and storerooms at those chain restaurants and grocery stores. Only CEOs prepare and serve the food. That guy at the cash register ringing up your purchase? Obviously a CEO. The folks washing dishes, cleaning up dining areas and restrooms in those establishments? Not regular citizens earning a living. Nope. In actuality, every one? A CEO.

Right down the line, from the fields to the dumpsters, all those job positions, filled by CEOs. Every single one.

The audacity and the greed of those people, these horrible CEOs, pretending to be regular working folks! It just galls me.


But, you’re right: let’s “THINK ABOUT IT“:

What do you suppose the ‘independent farmers’ and ‘mom and pop’ tables at the local farmers market do with their earnings? I’m guessing the odds are pretty good that they patronize large corporations, at least for the goods and services that don’t grow out of the earth, same as the well-meaning customers who patronize those small businesses do.


Except for the ones who make their own clothing and shoes…and build their own automobiles and bicycles…and manufacture their own home furnaces, powered by fuel they’ve pulled out of the ground and refined themselves. By hand, of course.


But, really, what more is there to “THINK ABOUT“? Because–


–only folks who sell items at farmers markets pay for their little girls’ dance lessons. Rich CEOs never do. In fact, CEOs’ little girls live in abject privation, materially and emotionally. Because CEOs are just that selfish.

Where’s the little boy’s “team jersey” come from? A farmer’s market? Or was it mass-produced by an EVIL corporation run by a greedy CEO?

Is all the food those farmers market parents put on the table from their own gardens and nowhere else? By the way, who made the table?

When they pay their mortgage, I hope they’re not paying it to a lending institution run by a CEO. What if that mortgage payment contributes to the lender’s financial health and its CEO gets rewarded for that with a bonus, then buys something nice with it, all because enough families that have loans with them paid their mortgages? Does that make those families traitors to the proletariat?

And what if the college student pays his tuition to a college that accepts charity from a billionaire who also happens to have been, at some point or other, a CEO? Or whose faculty members patronize large corporations via their spending habits?

Is that iPhone organic AND free-range, perhaps hand-crafted by a small Mom-and-Pop operation? Or by a large corporation run by a– gasp!– CEO? Hmmmm…

Kind of hard to say, isn’t it?



Ah, but I did, Food Radical, which is precisely why your heartfelt plea fell apart upon closer inspection.

Believe me, I’m not a fan of corporatists, but simplistic signs like the one I’ve just broken down smack of bitterness and whining, lazy emotional appeals to class envy, without much thought given to the bigger picture. 

Cheap Plea bigger

The ‘little guy’ doesn’t always stay little. Some ‘little guys’ take the income and opportunities they received working for the ‘big guys’ and, via entrepreneurial enterprises, and become ‘big boys’ themselves.

As for the ‘big boys’, well, sometimes they manage, via market forces, to get knocked a peg or two. Or five.

That’s the beauty of competition in a (fairly) free market.