Get Lost, Damn Clown.

Flashback to one year ago today:

Just finished trimming the ‘carnival/clown’ dream sequences from my personal Laserdisc-to-DVD-R copy of the movie Dream Lover (1994). The movie’s been one of my favorites for 20 years now. Nicholas Kazan’s script is fantastic, James Spader never had a better role, or gave a better performance, during the leading-man phase of his career…and Madchen Amick’s performance as the titular femme fatale is nothing short of exquisite (why her career didn’t skyrocket after this picture is a real mystery. In a perfect world, eh?)…

…but the film’s use of the ‘dream sequence carny’ interludes as bridges between crucial turning points in the story always irritated me.

Now I can watch the movie without them. Damn pretentious clowns.

Imagine how much more effective Body Heat would have been if Lawrence Kasdan had included gratuitous dream sequences featuring obnoxious, hammy clowns. Gag.