Sidewinder’s Take: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

The premise is cool. The fake sharks look pretty good, except for those obviously CG’d. The cast is respectable. I enjoy Trevor Rabin’s on-the-nose music score. The plot even has some shocks that truly rocked me out of my theater seat the first time I watched the movie (fond moviegoing memories). So far, so good, but…

Man, the dialogue is horrid. Cringeworthy. Not so noticeable the first time around, but, on subsequent viewings, it really becomes unbearable, like nails on a chalkboard. To the point where I find myself rooting for the sharks.

But I love the movie’s Shark Moments. That’s really the only reason to watch this flick more than once.

That shitty dialogue, though. It always gets in the way.

The initial DVD release, unfortunately, included only the English audio. Frequently, between the aforementioned Shark Moments, I’d find myself leaving the room during the picture’s chattier moments, in order to avoid the urge to chuck random objects at my poor TV screen.

Then I noticed the specs of the film’s Blu-ray release a few years ago.


Garbage dialogue problem solved.

In a foreign language, even nails on a chalkboard are tolerable.

Bring on the mechanical sharks!