Sidewinder’s View: “Cut And Run” (1985)

From 1985 (1986 in the U.S., where New World barely released it in theaters before sending it to HBO). TV news reporters travel to South American jungle in search of their boss’s son– Willie Aames!– who’s being held against his will by drug traffickers (I wasn’t sure why; they weren’t holding him for ransom, but seemed to be utilizing him as slave labor, as if he were the victim of an apprenticeship gone wrong or something; very confusing).

The drug traffickers, meanwhile, are being targeted and slaughtered, one camp at a time, by ex-CIA/ex-Jonestown true believer/Colonel Kurtz wannabe Richard Lynch and his merry band of marauding tribal natives (and Michael Berryman, for good measure).

The whole thing is a garish, gory, cartoonish and silly mess…and I loved every insane minute of it. Very colorful, eclectic cast– Richard Lynch, Lisa Blount, Karen Black, Richard Bright, Michael Berryman, Eriq LaSalle, Leonard Mann, John Steiner…and Willie Aames! I’m not saying every one of these actors gave great performances, only that their presence in the film added to its overall charm.

According to the director, Willie Aames was a drug-fueled mess on location and Richard Bright was in a bit of a booze fog…which would explain each of their off-key performances in the film.177283_987557747927373_7815660696638324522_o