If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Peddled by demagogues, the product/service it offers, in exchange for the individual’s private property and liberty, is a promise so vague it not only can never be achieved, but can’t even be defined.

In the statist’s view, how much power, how much control, is enough? Enough can never be enough to the statist.

That’s the whole point. There’s always got to be something more that’s missing, something to strive towards.

The only semi-tangible product received by the drones who buy into the redistributionist scam? The sadistic satisfaction derived from seeing others with more than you have their ‘stuff’ taken away by force.


Because they had more than you.

Just why they may have had more than you isn’t important, only that it was there. And it was so much more than you had.

In other words, you coveted and succumbed to envy. Jealousy cloaked in the protective, noble armor of Fairness…an entirely subjective venture in itself.