Advice For My Son When He’s Old Enough To Understand It

If you’re ever involved as a performer in any form or at any level of competitive sports or entertainment and someone compliments you on your performance, resist the urge to deflect the compliment by explaining what you didn’t get right, what you forgot to do, etc.

I used to do this myself when I was younger. I thought I was being modest. I finally realized I was indulging in the worst kind of petty self-absorption, because not only was it pointless, but rude. Boorish, albeit passive-aggressive.


Instead of graciously accepting their compliment and thanking them, I was, basically, telling them they had lousy taste…or were a poor judge of quality-versus-crap…and/or that I was so into myself that I was unable to recognize a compliment when receiving one.

Nobody cares about what you could’ve done or what you may have done better previously. Always assume they’re not complimenting you for your intentions. Only the results.

Just smile and say thank you. They’ll feel better about it and, sooner or later, so will you.


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