Sidewinder’s View: “Family Honor” (1973)


From 1973, this morning’s first movie.

Whew, that stunk. Having never seen the movie before, I took a gamble…a $24 gamble…on the Code Red Blu-ray and lost.

How do you muck up a Revenge-Thriller? You slow the pace of the story down to a crawl, replacing it with lots of ‘character’ scenes that otherwise wouldn’t be missed if you cut them out of the story. It took so long for the main character to take action against the villains that I wondered if it would ever happen.

And, on top of that, the killing of the main mobster was depicted in such an ambiguous manner– offscreen, no less– that it turned what could have been a really satisfying moment into a big yawner of an anticlimax.

A good storyteller wouldn’t spend the entire movie setting up the central villain only to dismiss him from the goings-on in such a way that you’re not even sure who did the deed or how the villain reacted to it. It’s a cheat on the audience.

Interesting premise, with some decent acting here and there, but the trailer for this film was more entertaining than the movie itself.


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