A Stun Gun Is Not A “Taser”, And Vice Versa.

TASER is the name of the company that manufactures the Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) which can provide neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) via probes fired from distances of 15 to 25 feet…or pain compliance via direct contact, or “drive stun”. TASER CEWs available to private citizens carry price tags of $400 or higher.

The probe cartridges for these ‘civilian’ CEWs average around $70 a piece and are replaced free of charge– only if returned with a police report confirming that the cartridge was lawfully deployed in self-defense.

Stun guns, on the other hand, utilize no cartridge, are made by numerous manufacturers, are considerably cheaper (around $30), and provide only pain compliance via direct contact.


I’ve been a certified TASER Instructor since 2013. It irritates me greatly whenever I see or hear a common stun gun referred to as a “taser”.

Just a personal pet peeve.