IMDb Game Of Trolls

So the IMDb Message Boards are about to become extinct. A thing of the past.


Many IMDb users are understandably upset about this. I’m not pleased about it, but I’m not surprised, either.

Too often, I’d visit a message board in search of interesting conversations only to find a tired parade of banal and predictable venom-and-bile-spewing matches, which had erupted, usually, because someone’s feelings got hurt.

I’d investigate a thread, read through a few comments, only to scroll down and find the thoughtful discussion had screeched to a halt, due to one or two dissenting views having prompted a flurry of inflammatory rhetoric and personal attacks.

imdb-post-deletedAfter witnessing far too many otherwise interesting threads devolve into bitter and unconstructive mud-flinging spats between quick-tempered, yet occasionally well-read, thread-killers attempting to out-shout one another through their keyboards, I really had to wonder what the average age of these malcontents might be. Emotionally, that is. It seemed to be about twelve.


Whenever I found threads that hadn’t degenerated into ideological pissing contests, dueling historical rants, or shallow, poisonous tantrums, I’d breathe a sigh of relief, especially when disagreeing contributors remained respectful and/or actually contributed interesting bits of trivia and theory about the movie in question.


Unfortunately, I found that to be rare.


And now IMDb’s shutting down the whole enterprise. The malcontents have dragged the rest of us into the doghouse with them.

To get a better idea as to why IMDb’s taking this step, check out this sample of the trolling attack on American Sniper‘s message board:


When you read through the titles of these often daily postings by “ChazzJazz”, it becomes clear he’s hijacked the entire board, either to use it as his personal political blog or simply to be a disruptive social vandal.

My guess would be the latter.

Out of 183 threads listed on the American Sniper board, 118 posts were started by this particular user.

Another IMDb user, “timbermisc”, spewing the same kind of rabid left-wing vitriol, was responsible for initiating 37 threads on the American Sniper board.

Between these two trolls, and their combined 155 threads, often tenuously connected, or with no connection whatsoever, to Clint Eastwood’s movie, the hijacked American Sniper board was severely minimized for anyone seeking out thoughtful, coherent discussions on the film itself. Simply navigating the board was an eyesore.

ChazzJazz appears to have spent quite a bit of time trolling the Game Of Thrones message board, also, (among others):


One IMDb user, as far back as last summer, pleaded with the IMDb administrators to take action against the American Sniper thread trolls, ChazzJazz in particular.


In the general sense of things, I’d say that, with this new move, IMDb did just that.

Now, if you were visiting the American Sniper board to be amused by the rantings and ravings of left-wing miscreants and trolls, you were in luck.


If you visited there because you wanted a discussion specifically about the actual movie, your choices for relevant, meaningful discussions were few and far between, thanks, primarily, to these two IMDb users rabid left-wing trolls.

So if you’re one of those decent folks upset with IMDb’s recent decision to deep-six their message boards, be aware of who and what’s really to blame for IMDb’s drastic measure.