Sidewinder’s View: “It Follows” (2014)

My own take on the Follower’s origin and driving motivation:

It’s a demon, a shapeshifter, dispatched to torment those innocently afflicted with the ‘curse’ of non-marital intercourse.

Are any of the victims married? No. They’re all young, single people.

The goal is to relentlessly pursue, to terrify, these sufferers to the point where they become willing accomplices in the relay of the horrible curse.


But the goal isn’t tied to the mere physical destruction of the afflicted.

The demon wants them to make a choice, a conscious decision, to inflict this peculiar form of agonizing physical and psychological misery upon another unsuspecting, innocent human being…

…at which point, the previous victim now becomes complicit.

By knowingly bestowing this death curse upon someone else, they’re effectively committing murder, damning their souls with this deceptive and selfish choice, rather than abstaining.

What if they chose to refuse participation in the deadly relay?

They’d perish, of course, but they wouldn’t have damned their souls in order to merely delay the inevitable.

Just my two cents. 

What did I think of the movie, overall? It was decent, but didn’t blow me away.

The style of the picture was my favorite aspect. Any time a young Horror director embraces carefully composed shots and pays extra attention to the cinematography, as opposed to indulging lazily in hand-held ShakyTown visuals and utilizing natural (unappealing) light, that deserves praise in my book.

The atmosphere was nicely done. The performances were interesting. The score, retro-synth as it was, sort of grew on me after a while; I eventually bought the soundtrack.

Aside from a few suspenseful, eerie moments, and some genuinely unsettling images, It Follows didn’t scare me all that much. Maybe I’ve seen too many of these kinds of movies in the last 15 years and I’m familiar with all the tricks. 

As I said, though, I do give the filmmakers a lot of points for style and atmosphere. That sort of thing goes a long way with me.