Classic Rock Tune Of The Week: “Everything Works If You Let It”, by Cheap Trick (1980)

Theme song played over the opening credits of Roadie, directed by Alan Rudolph. 

Personal anecdote: In the summer of 1980, my dad and grandfather took a trip to one of our local drive-in theaters to watch The Final Countdown.

The second feature on the drive-in’s double bill that night was Roadie. My dad told me he and my grandpa stayed for the first five minutes of “that stupid Meat Loaf movie” and promptly left the drive-in. Roadie was that boring, he assured me.

I finally tracked the movie down, via Big Lots bargain rack, on DVD a few years ago and loved it. Maybe Roadie didn’t stack up compared to other Comedies that summer– Caddyshack, The Blues Brothers, Airplane!, etc.– but, in 2013, I found it positively charming.

My father and I have very distinct preferences when it comes to motion pictures, that’s for sure. I make no apologies for my admittedly low-brow tastes in comedy.

If a movie can make me laugh, and has a rockin’ soundtrack to boot, I’m all for it.