Fun With Seventies Movie Posters, Vol. I

In 1973, my dad took me to see The Legend Of Boggy Creek at our town’s tiny, shabby little movie theater– I think it seated about fifty people– in Sigourney, Iowa.


I was four years old. I’d seen the trailer for the movie, begged him to take me, and, to my surprise, he agreed. The picture was Rated G, after all.

The movie wasn’t graphically violent, just spooky, with a handful of jump scares, but it was very effective at scaring the hell out of me. I’ve never forgotten the experience. And I say that with all fondness.

I’ve never seen this particular sequel, but I’ve heard it’s pretty awful, very tame, not frightening at all…

…which must mean it’s pretty lousy, considering the original film, when I later viewed it as an adult, only succeeded in boring me to tears.

I have to admit, however, that the sequel’s poster is pretty amusing.