Got Them A New Religion, Pt. II

Of course there’s climate change. When I was growing up, we referred to this pervasive phenomenon as ‘weather’. Even back then, it was known for its unpredictability. I’m old enough to remember all the media gloom-and-doom over The Coming Ice Age™, i.e., the one that never happened?

soylent ice age 1979I’m also old enough to remember the fears of the impending Population Bomb™, which would lead to food shortages and mass starvation– this was what gave the movie Soylent Green its added punch of ‘relevancy’ back in the early 1970s. soylent greenThe so-called experts were certain the world was facing a Soylent Green future…and, unless drastic steps were taken RIGHT NOW, it would occur much sooner rather than later…until that, too, never came to pass. (Never give up hope, experts, eh?).

After the Great Global Cooling (The Coming Ice Age™) failed to pan out, the same experts reversed course, recycling the same old fears on behalf of predictions of Global Warming™. (Never give up hope, experts, eh?)soylent gw-graphic-new-york-times-1988-hansen-testimony-front-pageBut then, after a few more years, temperatures stabilized and decreased again. Average Citizens noticed, “Hey…what’s with all this cold weather and snow? What happened to that Global Warming we heard so much about? I think maybe this was all just a bunch of BS”.

Damn pesky Average Citizens, substituting common sense for PC dogma!

So, time for a little re-branding:

“Now we’re going to call it…Climate Change™! Only a fool would insist the climate never changes! Problem solved! Resistance is futile! Oppose us and we will crush you!”

soylent al_gore_climate_change

Perhaps mankind has been the cause of some of this recent change in the climate. Perhaps. Is mankind powerful enough, important enough, to alter the course of it, in any substantial way? Not from what I’ve seen. The so-called experts peddling this theory don’t even go that far.

And my ego’s not big enough to believe that humanity’s all that powerful or influential compared to the awesome, mysterious ways of the mighty planet Earth.

George Carlin had it right.

Radical environmentalism is just another religious movement. A small portion of fact (data), driven by a who-o-o-o-le lotta faith (speculation). And if there’s one personality holdover from my youthful days long ago, back when I tended to side with liberals, it’s this:

I really resent it when people try to shove their religious beliefs down my throat. However…

Today’s Enviro-Lefties are worse than any of the Bible-thumping fundamentalists I ever encountered back then (or Lefty Christians, for that matter).

Even though the Bible-thumpers’ proselytizing and finger-wagging may have been annoying– a minor nuisance, really– I can’t recall a single one of them advocating for the federal government to seize my personal property in order to dictate how I should live my daily life (or not live it).

People who haven’t given the issue much thought may find themselves easily swayed by the propaganda, but, once the hard truths of the sacrifice this particular religion requires–

a skyrocketing cost of living, accompanied by a necessarily decreased standard of living

Statism 2016 WM matte

–well, that’s when the wheels come off for the average citizen, when the resulting personal sacrifices get put into everyday terms:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, just wait a second now…

You want to price me out of the electricity market so I can’t afford to air-condition my home in the middle of a hot and humid summer?

Make cars and trucks, á la relentlessly increasing CAFE standards, even more expensive and dangerous (lightweight) than they already are? 

Raise the cost of groceries, and every other damn thing delivered to retail outlets, by jacking up fuel prices at the pump?

Huh… Well, y’know what?

F*** you, buddy.”