This Morning’s Movie, A Longtime Favorite.

From 1981, a very well written and directed WWII Spy Thriller. I don’t watch it all that often– the last time was over 12 years ago, when I picked it up for four bucks from a Wal-Mart display– but it’s always a worthwhile watch when I’m in the mood for this kind of subdued, cleverly plotted Thriller…which was, oddly enough, a summer movie release. I don’t think it sold many tickets during its theatrical run.


First time I saw this was in May of 1983, the month cable TV arrived in my hometown. I was watching this at my grandparents’ house. During the last forty-five minutes of the movie, both grandparents sat down to watch the movie with me. When one of Kate Nelligan’s full-nude love scenes with Donald Sutherland began, my grandmother gasped and promptly excused herself from the room. My grandpa said something along the lines of “Boy, they show a lot, don’t they?”, and continued to watch the movie.