Sidewinder’s View: The Glove (1979)

From 1979, today’s movie. First time I’d seen it.

John Saxon plays an L.A. bounty hunter desperate to keep up on his child support so he can keep seeing his young daughter. To help with this situation, Saxon’s chasing a $20,000 reward for ex-con Rosey Grier, who’s busy with a vendetta against the corrupt prison guards who beat him with a “riot glove” during his time inside.


Judging from its poster art, I thought the film might be a Revenge picture, with Grier’s character given more emphasis, but it’s mainly about Saxon’s exploits as a bounty hunter chasing all sorts of fugitives.


There’s some solid character writing and storytelling, typical of the best B pictures, particularly from the 1970s, and I enjoyed seeing John Saxon get to play a heroic Action lead; I mostly remember him from his villainous supporting roles, (his good guy role in Enter The Dragon being the exception to that).

Great supporting cast, too: Aldo Ray, Keenan Wynn, Jack Carter, Michael Pataki, Joanna Cassidy. The movie had a nice pace, some unexpectedly humorous moments, colorful characters, and told its story very efficiently.

I didn’t quite know where the story would go from one scene to the next, but its twists and turns never disappointed me.


Movies like The Glove also serve as a reminder of just how few movies like this are made nowadays, even in the revered “indie” world…

which unfortunately has been conquered by pretentious hacks whose storytelling abilities seem better suited for helping paint dry. If there’s anything the arrival of Netflix Instant has taught me, it’s just how many of these talky, dry, visually bland Indie snooze-fests have been made in just the last 10 or 15 years.