Just Make The Damn Thing In Black & White Already!

Tower Block Color Comp2 WM

Watching Tower Block (2012) on Shout Factory TV the other day, I found myself becoming irritated with the movie not necessarily for its script, but for its distractingly hideous desaturated cinematography.

Having seen more of these than I care to recount, it seems like every film, EVERY film from the U.K. involving hoodlums and violent crime has to look exactly like this one, as if the subject matter and tone of each film weren’t enough to convey to the audience the appropriate level of bleakness and despair.

I know Tower Block wasn’t shot with this grubby look of desaturation, as evidenced by the still at the bottom of the collage featured above. It was finessed in post-production.

What I hate most about this visual approach, on a par with the Teal-And-Orange™ insanity–

–is that it’s so prevalent and, therefore, clichéd.

Something just occurred to me. Do you realize when this aesthetically trite, faux-Black & White, Teal-And-Orange™ garbage really, seriously fucking bloomed?

When PCs stepped into the arena of motion picture editing… 

…which also seems to be when motion picture editing drifted further and further into ADHD-friendly territory.

The possibilities were endless, so why not exploit them?

As technology blooms, storytelling suffers.

That’s how I feel, anyway.

Maybe someday some of these same filmmakers or producers or studios will have a change of heart and reissue their work in actual color, as opposed to Teal-And-Orange™ or the nearly colorless filter effect used in films like Tower Block.