At Close Range: The Complete Film Score by Patrick Leonard

Someone at You Tube recently uploaded, just over a month ago, the entirety of Patrick Leonard’s film score for At Close Range (1986). As someone who first discovered this movie during its initial home video release, and loved it, I’ve been a fan of the score, as well. I’ve been waiting over 30 years for a soundtrack release, which has yet to officially arrive.

I’m not sure what the source of this upload is, but it doesn’t sound half bad. Since there’s a faint bit of dialogue ‘ghosting’ on a few of the ambient, less busy cues, I’d guess the Twilight Time Blu-ray release, which features the score as an isolated track, is where the rip originated from. However, I don’t own that particular release, so I’d be guessing.

Several years ago, over at the now-defunct IMDb Message Boards, I had read postings by various Users that the reason for the Leonard soundtrack remaining unreleased was due to the “score” (scoff quotes provided by IMDb Users, not me) being nothing more than repetitive variations on Live To Tell, the film’s theme song penned by Leonard and Madonna.

Listening to the score at You Tube in its isolated entirety, I’d say that claim’s a bit of an oversimplification. There are some variations of Live To Tell within the score– “Fun Times (Swimming)” immediately springs to mind– but Leonard also provided the film with some original cues that punctuate the film’s darker dramatic moments with subtle distinction.

And while I appreciate the uploader’s efforts at providing a tracklist, the cue title “Buckshot”, which describes the scene of Sean Penn plucking shotgun pellets from his cheek after being blasted by a farmer during a botched tractor theft, really ought to be titled “Birdshot”. If Penn’s character had been struck in the face with buckshot, that likely would have ended the movie.


1) “Main Title (Film Version)” (0:10)
2) “Father And Son (First Meeting)” (4:28)
3) “Backroads Drive” (7:46)
4) “Do Not Say Nothing Against The…” (9:25)
5) “At Night (Break In)” (10:00)
6) “Laundry” (12:08)
7) “Hitchhiking” (12:32)
8) “Finding Terry” (14:10)
9) “Terry Meets The Family” (15:57)
10) “Stealing Tractors” (19:17)
11) “Buckshot” (21:32)
12) “Fun Times (Swimming)” (22:13)
13) “Brad Jr. Keeps Watch” (25:03)
14) “Murder (The Drowning)” (26:55)
15) “Self Tattoo” (29:02)
16) “Brad Jr. Is Arrested” (30:49)
17) “The Rape” (32:36)
18) “No Witnesses – Part 1” (34:00)
19) “No Witnesses – Part 2” (35:20)
20) “Seizure” (38:30)
21) “Brad Senior’s Plan” (39:26)
22) “The Shooting (Blood Shower)” (41:27)
23) “Confrontation” (42:48)
24) “He’s My Father” (46:38)

25) *BONUS* “Main Title” (48:26)
26) *BONUS* “At Night” (51:58)
27) *BONUS* “Murder” (52:56)


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