Sidewinder’s View: Over The Edge (1979) [SPOILERS]


I really liked this movie when I was seventeen. Then, some time after I’d matured, the movie was released on DVD. Out of nostalgia, I picked it up.

Lo and behold, this compelling slice of celluloid teen angst no longer tripped my trigger. As a matter of fact, it now annoyed the hell out of me.

Watching this [the scene below] in 1987, as an idiot teen myself, I cringed. Though it was several years before I received formal handgun safety training, courtesy of Uncle Sam, I was still able to recognize the reckless handling of firearms by morons when I saw it:

Watching it nearly 20 years later, in my early 30s, I felt like throwing something at my TV.  Since it concludes with a moment of ‘just kidding’ juvenile humor, I’m still not sure what the intent of the scene was.

Was the intent to promote paranoia about…

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