Sidewinder’s View: Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

From 1982, yesterday’s afternoon movie:


Hadn’t seen it since maybe 1983 or 1984. This one gets savaged a lot by certain fans of the first movie, which it is slightly inferior to, but I’ve always enjoyed it. Even though I’d seen the movie only a couple times before, I still remembered the jokes that worked.

Also of note: There was also a scene that utilized topless female nudity for its airport metal detector gag (the detector’s only effective on women who look like Playboy centerfold models, of course), which wasn’t that shocking until I realized the movie carries a PG rating.

Ah, the early Eighties. Little wonder I responded to this movie favorably at the age of fourteen.

Airplane II alt poster art

The most difficult part of yesterday’s experience was attempting to explain much of the referential humor to my six-year-old. He also had a hard time grasping the comedic intent of the film’s Three Stooges-like physical violence.

“But it’s not funny to hit people”, the kid who laughs at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fight scenes kept telling me.

“It is in movies like this”, I told him, “Go play with your toys”.