A Few Words From Stanley Kubrick On The Shining

The interview, an expanded English version, revised and approved by Kubrick himself, can be found here:


Kubrick Shining Quote


One thought on “A Few Words From Stanley Kubrick On The Shining

  1. Rob AGAR
    ‘Kubrick’s GOLD Room’
    weeks ago


    AGAR catches the underlying allegory – -inter–generational USURY mafia’s
    subversion and overthrow of –first– ENGLAND and then, the AMERICAN Republic.

    He catches most of the M.O. – –thru externally applied, inflicted and manipulated
    shame and guilt.

    BUT – — AGAR, for whatever reason, —‘misses’ – – – a KEY subtext.

    ALLLL the men’ in the flick with the sole exception of HALLORAN –read – -and are meant
    to be read – -as before birth subverted – –clueless and NOT clueless – – – FTMs.


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