Sidewinder’s View: Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010)

Purely as an exercise in aesthetics, the film could be appreciated, but it was tough to get through for the reasons mentioned above. This is the kind of arthouse movie I can admire without really enjoying.


Sidewinder’s View: Seconds (1966)

When I was seven years old, I happened across a local TV station broadcast of Seconds early on a Sunday morning in 1976. I caught probably 95% of the movie. In spite of my young age and the fact that it was a black & white film, I was totally transfixed by it.

They Made These Movies Better Three Decades Ago (Not A Review Of The Hulu Production)

This sort of thinking only makes sense if you're a statist with a twisted notion of the world and how it works. If you believe that stealing wealth results in the same economic outcome as creating it.