Sidewinder’s View: Four Friends (1981)

From 1981, this morning's movie... ...which I'd seen only once before, around 1982 or 1983 on The Movie Channel at my mom's house. I remember liking the movie at the time, but this morning, I found the first half-hour or so difficult to sit through. I didn't find any of the characters appealing and … Continue reading Sidewinder’s View: Four Friends (1981)

Useless Adventures In Movie Trivia: River’s Edge (1986)

File this one under "Learn Something New Every Day" (photo discovery courtesy of IMDb's River's Edge page): Listening to director Tim Hunter's audio commentary for the 2014 Blu-ray of River's Edge (one of my teenaged Eighties favorites), I learned that he'd originally cast Corey Haim...COREY Keanu Reeves' creepy, weird, sociopathic little brother Tim. Once … Continue reading Useless Adventures In Movie Trivia: River’s Edge (1986)

Sidewinder’s View: Head Over Heels (1979) / Chilly Scenes Of Winter (1982) [SPOILERS]

I'm not one of those filmgoers who has to like, sympathize, or 'relate' to a character in order to remain invested in the story they're featured in. I'm not looking for role models when I go to the movies. Just give me a compelling story driven by intriguing characters.

Today’s Second Homemade FAKE Criterion!

Recently, on a podcast, I watched the host and his guests discussing modern Hollywood's cozy relationship with the CIA. The group consensus here was that Hollywood hadn't made a movie critical of the CIA since 1975's Three Days Of The Condor. Apparently, none of them had heard of this movie: While The Amateur … Continue reading Today’s Second Homemade FAKE Criterion!

The Cycle Of Violence Is Never Absolute

While my dubious reaction to being bullied, by becoming a bully myself, might seem to make the case for the existence of a "cycle of violence", it wasn't a cycle. It was simply a reactionary behavior, which ended as soon as someone gave me that fully-deserved, retributive beating.