When Everyone’s A Film Critic, No One Is.

My desire to pursue a career in film criticism ended during high school, when I realized I'd be required to watch a lot of movies that didn't remotely appeal to me. Such an occupation sounded positively awful.

My Eighties Adolescence: Determination

Like a fool, I hadn’t worn socks to the meet that day. The resulting blisters under each of my big toe joints had popped and begun bleeding heavily as successive layers of skin were worn away during the race.

My Eighties Adolescence: “Help! Help! I’m Being Oppressed!”

Now that a significant amount of time has passed, especially since I've become a parent, I’ve reflected back on that incident a few times and asked myself what, if any, lesson I took away from it. What I realized, even during my teenage years, was not to strike bargains, deals, compromises, etc., hastily. Think things through before giving your word to someone.

Shaming The Incorrect Arts Into Extinction?

While there are certainly well-made classic movies I find unappealing...The Graduate...I don't believe I've ever attempted to scold anyone else for enjoying them. I've certainly never advocated a movie be banned or censored. The idea of criminalizing a piece of art or entertainment, if only in peoples' minds, is one I find totally repellent.