I really miss the days when you could only get movies panned-and-scanned on broadcast television and VHS. This new vertical movie app is the next best thing to a time machine for a super-casual movie watcher like me!"

“No, no, the people who made that old Nicolas Cage movie got it wrong. The word is ADAPTION.”

I've been alive nearly fifty years. I had never heard the word 'adaption' used EVER-- not in books, not in films, not on television, in classrooms, in casual conversation, etc.-- until I discovered this particular YouTuber's channel.

Shaming The Incorrect Arts Into Extinction?

While there are certainly well-made classic movies I find unappealing...The Graduate...I don't believe I've ever attempted to scold anyone else for enjoying them. I've certainly never advocated a movie be banned or censored. The idea of criminalizing a piece of art or entertainment, if only in peoples' minds, is one I find totally repellent.

Taking Public Pride In Your Pathology

Interesting how the cheapskate condemns the business owners as 'Greedy Bastards' perpetrating a 'get rich sceem' (sic), when those business owners are, at least, providing goods and services, while the cheapskate/thief provides...what, exactly?...apart from further incentive for the business owners to raise their costs on honest/actual customers?

Sidewinder’s View: Super Dark Times (2017) [SPOILERS]

Reading through several reviews of this picture, I noticed each reviewer had the same gripe with the film. Namely that what started off as a keenly observed teen angst story "disappointingly" wandered into "Slasher" territory for its finale. This gripe is what convinced me to check it out.