Not Every Dog Is Going To Like You

I was determined to make this dog my friend, so I walked up on it a third time. Same result. This time, the dog had drawn a little blood and the spots on my arm where it had clamped its jaws down were starting to hurt. 


Rambling Recollections Of My Reagan-Era Adolescence, Part II

Sometime after all the Reagan-inspired early Eighties liberal paranoia regarding nuclear annihilation kicked into gear, my dad decided to begin construction of a bomb shelter.

Sidewinder’s View: The Valachi Papers (1972) [SPOILERS]

The character of Joe Valachi was a big part of what kept me from enjoying the film. As a mobster, Valachi's not very successful. He's just a boss's driver, with a pair of legit side businesses, kind of passive and, ultimately, boring. He's not clever. He's not charismatic. He often comes across as bizarrely naive, at times, almost child-like.