Sidewinder’s View: The Red And The White (1967)

The filmmaker doesn't want us to become comfortable with these characters. His intention is to keep us uncomfortable as we're watching his film. As an audience, we're meant to be kept off-balance as we watch these events unfold. Aesthetic attributes aside, this particular quality is what gives the film its potency.

Sidewinder’s View: Four Friends (1981)

From 1981, this morning's movie... ...which I'd seen only once before, around 1982 or 1983 on The Movie Channel at my mom's house. I remember liking the movie at the time, but this morning, I found the first half-hour or so difficult to sit through. I didn't find any of the characters appealing and … Continue reading Sidewinder’s View: Four Friends (1981)

Useless Adventures In Movie Trivia: River’s Edge (1986)

File this one under "Learn Something New Every Day" (photo discovery courtesy of IMDb's River's Edge page): Listening to director Tim Hunter's audio commentary for the 2014 Blu-ray of River's Edge (one of my teenaged Eighties favorites), I learned that he'd originally cast Corey Haim...COREY Keanu Reeves' creepy, weird, sociopathic little brother Tim. Once … Continue reading Useless Adventures In Movie Trivia: River’s Edge (1986)

Sidewinder’s View: Head Over Heels (1979) / Chilly Scenes Of Winter (1982) [SPOILERS]

I'm not one of those filmgoers who has to like, sympathize, or 'relate' to a character in order to remain invested in the story they're featured in. I'm not looking for role models when I go to the movies. Just give me a compelling story driven by intriguing characters.