Sidewinder’s View: Revenge (2017) [SPOILERS]

Despite thin characters and absurdist levels of gory violence, it's a slick, technically superior Action-Thriller which I enjoyed on a purely aesthetic level.


Sidewinder’s View: The Witch In The Window (2018)

The film's more concerned with depicting a fractured father-son relationship salvaged by the supernatural. This is a troubled-family drama dressed up, albeit rather skimpily, in Horror clothing.

Sidewinder’s View: Saturday Night Fever (1977) [SPOILERS]

Saturday Night FeverĀ isĀ not a polite movie. Or a feel-good buffet of sunny escapism. It's a frequently gritty slice-of-life character drama, stocked with complicated characters, illustrating some hard, uncomfortable truths.

Taking Public Pride In Your Pathology

Interesting how the cheapskate condemns the business owners as 'Greedy Bastards' perpetrating a 'get rich sceem' (sic), when those business owners are, at least, providing goods and services, while the cheapskate/thief provides...what, exactly?...apart from further incentive for the business owners to raise their costs on honest/actual customers?