When Enemies Reveal Allies

I was literally at a loss for words, quietly horrified at the realization that, because my accuser had so confidently repeated his charge, Dick would likely take the liar's word over mine.

Sidewinder’s View: Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010)

Purely as an exercise in aesthetics, the film could be appreciated, but it was tough to get through for the reasons mentioned above. This is the kind of arthouse movie I can admire without really enjoying.

Taking Public Pride In Your Pathology

Interesting how the cheapskate condemns the business owners as 'Greedy Bastards' perpetrating a 'get rich sceem' (sic), when those business owners are, at least, providing goods and services, while the cheapskate/thief provides...what, exactly?...apart from further incentive for the business owners to raise their costs on honest/actual customers?

Sidewinder’s View: Super Dark Times (2017) [SPOILERS]

Reading through several reviews of this picture, I noticed each reviewer had the same gripe with the film. Namely that what started off as a keenly observed teen angst story "disappointingly" wandered into "Slasher" territory for its finale. This gripe is what convinced me to check it out.