Sidewinder’s View: Wolf Lake (1980)

As if symbolizing Charlie's total abandonment of reason, compassion and humanity, this, for me, was the most frightening shot in the entire movie.


Sidewinder’s View: Whitey: United States Of America v. James J. Bulger (2015)

The trial should've been open and shut, but turned out to be quite the mess. At least Bulger, cold-blooded killer that he was, rightfully wound up behind bars for the rest of his life. And now, the rest of his life has arrived at its conclusion.

Sidewinder’s View: Saturday Night Fever (1977) [SPOILERS]

Saturday Night Fever is not a polite movie. Or a feel-good buffet of sunny escapism. It's a frequently gritty slice-of-life character drama, stocked with complicated characters, illustrating some hard, uncomfortable truths.

Sidewinder’s View: Super Dark Times (2017) [SPOILERS]

Reading through several reviews of this picture, I noticed each reviewer had the same gripe with the film. Namely that what started off as a keenly observed teen angst story "disappointingly" wandered into "Slasher" territory for its finale. This gripe is what convinced me to check it out.

Sidewinder’s View: Seconds (1966)

When I was seven years old, I happened across a local TV station broadcast of Seconds early on a Sunday morning in 1976. I caught probably 95% of the movie. In spite of my young age and the fact that it was a black & white film, I was totally transfixed by it.